Mahana Estates new releases epitomise a fresh approach

Mahana Estates is very excited to launch a collection of new releases that are the result of innovative approaches in the winery and, in some cases, faith and inspiration, according to winemaker Michael Glover.

The look of all labels has been refreshed with bright, bold colours lending the labels an energy and dynamism that is more in keeping with what’s happening at the winery, says Michael Glover. “It’s captivating and attractive on the shelf and expresses the innovation and creativity that we are using in our approach to winemaking.”

Mahana Estates ‘Throwing out the Roseworthy Rules’

John Saker: ‘Winemakers try something new, throwing out the Roseworthy Rules’

“It wasn’t long ago that a winemaker deemed to be “experimental” was one who planted a new grape variety. If the variety’s name was suitably evocative (eg Albarino), the producer wasn’t just experimental, but a rebellious pathfinder. It’s always interesting to see how a new variety adapts to life in Aotearoa. However, that’s no longer the cool laboratory. The best experiments today are all about method, in the vineyard and winery, no matter what variety you’re dealing with.”

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Michael Glover in Cuisine Magazine May Edition – ‘ War and Place’

‘War and Place’ – Mahana’s winemaker Michael Glover shares his unique manifesto with John Saker in the May Edition of Cuisine Magazine.

“I totally believe the wine gods have given sauvignon blanc to New Zealand. No one can doubt the synergy the variety has with this place. But we have this freedom we’re not using. There should be all sorts of different expressions, intriguing wines. I don’t want a Loire Valley producer to come to New Zealand and say, ‘These guys are trying to copy us and doing a bad job of it.’ I want him to come and be excited and jealous of the tastes and textures we’re getting, and to say, ‘I wonder if Mum and Dad will let me do that?”

Introducing the Poets & Writers Series

Poets & Writers is a completely new collection of wines that have been produced in very limited quantities – only 88 dzn bottles of the Dr Schaeffer Riesling, 149 dzn of Blood Moon Pinot Gris and 235 dzn of Feral Lahar Sauvignon Blanc – and each bottle is hand-numbered by winemaker Michael Glover.

I have long held a belief that for every batch of fruit that arrives at the winery door there is a perfect way to make it, but the million dollar question is of course just what is the perfect way? I guess the more that a winemaker has seen, tasted, smelled and thought about then the more likely it is that they will know what to pull out of their armoury when a given batch of fruit knocks at the winery door. Perhaps the perfect way will never be found and will always remain a quixotic quest but with every attempt we must hope to at least get closer.

I have been incredibly lucky in my wine travels to have worked for a variety of philosophical rebels who have all shared one thing in common and that was to express their piece of land in their own way.

From Alessandro Dettori in Sardinia making powerhouse Cannonau; the great Bruno Di Conciliis in Campania who introduced me to skin fermentation of white varieties as well as the wines of Stanko Radikon and Josko Gravner. There has been learning of a different kind from Ernie Loosen in the Mosel and Saverio Petrilli in Tuscany through to Bertrand Ambroise making his own style of structured and extractive Nuits St George. All of these champs have taught me that if it is not your own way then it must certainly be somebody else’s way, so why follow?

With all this in mind it is easy to see why a winemaker must contemplate, express and experiment each year to see just what aromas and textures lie within the grape waiting to be discovered, waiting to be expressed and waiting to be championed. If you don’t look you don’t find.

It is not enough to experiment in a small scale way and then blend it back into the mainstream. That is only a fraction of the experiment. You have to see it all the way through…you have to give life and freedom to the trial…you must be brave enough to commit it to bottle.

This series of wines under the ‘Poets and Writers’ banner is the explorative side of winemaking. It is very much driven by the modus operandii of “…but what if?”

“…but what if you don’t do any punch downs or pump overs?”

“…but what if you don’t take it off lees?”

“…but what if you don’t do anything at all?”

Already we have learnt a great deal in the short time we have set off in other directions.

This is only the very start!

Michael Glover, Winemaker

National Lamb Day – Lamb Shoulder Recipe

Wednesday 15 February marks National Lamb Day. In honour of this special day Chef Alistair Forster has prepared a delectable recipe for your enjoyment.

This flavorful, ample cut consist of nicely marbled meat that has a pronounced sweetness. Because the shoulder muscles do more work than the leg muscles, they are less tender and thus take well to long slow roasting or braising


1 Quality Mark lamb shoulder – rested at room temperature for 1 hour
8 sprigs of fresh thyme
8 medium onions, whole and peeled 2 bulbs of garlic, peeled
250ml balsamic vinegar
olive oil
sea salt
black pepper

Pre-heat oven to 180°C or gas 4. Rub the shoulder of lamb with olive oil and season. Drizzle oil into the base of a large casserole dish. Place onions, garlic and thyme in the dish with the lamb sitting on top. Place in oven for 15-20 minutes for the lamb and onions to colour. Remove the pot and cover with a lid. Turn the temperature down to 110°C and place back in the oven for ve hours.

Remove the garlic and onions and reserve for later. Add the balsamic vinegar and return to oven to cook for another one and a half hours without the lid. Baste the lamb with the balsamic every 20 minutes. After one and a half hours remove and place the lamb on a low heat on the stove top to reduce any liquid, continue to baste as the liquid reduces then add the onions and garlic to warm through. Serve with the onions and garlic and some bubble and squeak


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We fuse the cultural themes of wine, food & art in one destination

Food and wine are the windows into the essence of a country and its culture. They’re a way to experience the heart of a place. We take pride in sharing ours with you.


CELLAR DOOR – Wine Tasting

We fuse the cultural themes of wine, food & art in one destination

This isn’t just another winery experience. When you are at Mahana you feel like you are a part of something bigger. You feel as you have discovered a special place, something which has been a great kept secret… and you have.

A visit to our cellar door allows you to taste our wines and get an insight into the philosophy and points of difference that run through all of our wines.

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Mahana, formerly known as Woollaston Estates, is an organic vineyard and winery located in the Nelson region. With our modern Cellar Door, restaurant and luxury Villa Accommodation, Mahana is now one of New Zealand’s premier winery destinations. We fuse the cultural themes of wine, cuisine, art, and literature into one immersive experience.

Our vineyards in the Moutere Hills and the Waimea Plains of Nelson make dynamic, uncompromising wines ushered by the expertise of our winemaker, Michael Glover, considered to be one of the top twelve winemakers in Oceania.

We embrace certified organic viticulture and minimal input winemaking, creating dynamic wines with integrity in our gravity flow winery. A genuine expression of site and season, our wines reflect the artisans who nurture them.